Sunday, 14 January 2018

The Final Boarding Call

I packed my stuff & was getting ready for the seminar in Mumbai. Earlier I was so happy that finally meeting was fixed with Mr Jadeja from Pearson Group & he was open for the discussion about the business contract extension with new terms also I got best deals on hotel booking & flight booking through The kangaroo travels. My happiness didn’t last long because of my short tempered nature. I often hurt people for no reason and for no fault of their own.  Just like I today.

Monty was playing with his dog Tiger & accidently the dog jumped on my documents & it got ruined. Obviously, it was neither Monty’s fault nor tiger’s but I scolded Monty as I was little hyper at that time. This has become the usual trail, and somewhere I know that it's not right but I can’t help it, I think I need a break but am lacking the time. In everything, I have some goals and targets to achieve.  After all, I am doing all this for his future only. He didn’t look at me whilst I was leaving. So I couldn’t make it whether he was angry or hurt, whatever it is I was responsible for his reaction. My wife tried to console him but he did not listen to her he just ran from there & we heard the bang of his bedroom door.

Swati came to the see my off & said, “you know, it wasn’t his fault right? You need to give some of your time to us as well. Every day he stays up for late so that he can at least see you and he was playing in your study so that he can be around you for some time. Please think about it.” I didn’t utter a word; I just nodded as I knew she was right. And also I didn’t have any words.

The meeting was successful but it didn’t bring any genuine smile on my saddened face. I was packing my stuff and suddenly a paper slipped through my clothes, it was a drawing of a plane with a message “Happy Journey.” The sudden wave of emotions passed through my chest. The human nature is mesmerizing, 1 simple gesture is enough to melt any tough ice-berg. That moment was life-changing for me, I packed my stuff hurriedly & rushed to the airport. The flight was delayed due to some weather problem. Each passing moment was making me anxious & restless. I wanted to see my baby boy. I wanted to hug him & suddenly an idea popped into my thick skull.

I took my phone out & opened the kangaroo travel’s app. I knew my next move. A tour plan. I didn’t have much time to look specifically at the details of a hotel, flight and all that stuff so I directly specified my budget & booked a Singapore tour for my family. I Called Swati immediately and told her everything about the tour and told her to keep it a surprise for Monty. The flight announced the final call for me.

It was the final call indeed…

Take me to my Mom…

"Hello, Guddu? You there? I'm on my way... Don't worry at all. Nothing's gonna happen to her... I'll be there soon" He kept phone on table with shivering hands and gulped half of the water from the nearest bottle. Dhiraj was at total shock, he tipped sweat from forehead. The battle of negative thoughts was driving him nuts. 'Why? Why she never told us? & am I that much dumb? That I didn't even realize, my mom was fighting this war all alone. & I was here, printing those damn green papers. For whom? Future? If she is not gonna be part of that future, is it even worth it? with lots and lots of thoughts like these. He reached to the nearest tapri of his office, he ordered his usual 'Chai-sutta' & sat in the chair, Clueless. What should I do now? One call from his hometown has shaken him completely, He hurriedly went to the office, straight to his boss's cabin. he explained the entire scenario about his mom's condition to his boss & left for the PG.
He logged in to the kangaroo app for the fast & secure booking. He booked a ticket for his hometown. When he saw the confirmation message from travel agent he felt relieved a little. he rushed to his apartment & packed his bag. Dhiraj was all set to go.
On his way to the boarding point, his mind was playing hockey within his skull, and he was constantly losing the game. Whilst he was lost back in time, he remembered the lines of poem his mother taught him
If there is a future there is time for mending-
Time to see your troubles coming to an ending.
Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow-
If you're looking forward to a new tomorrow.
& he felt that the weight & guilt was getting off from his shoulder, he felt light. He boarded the bus with positive vibes and a mission to get his mom, better. He reached around mid-night, Guddu was there to pick him up. They both went straight to the hospital. Guddu was frightened but Dhiraj was as calm as the ocean. He has gathered all of his strength. When he saw his mom & their eyes met, her eyes welled up & he just nodded that 1 nod was enough to convey his message that he was there for her, now it was his responsibility to get her back on the feet. Not a single word was exchanged & she went to serene sleep without any nightmares.
When she woke up in the morning it was like a brand new day for her. She never felt so refreshing, Dhiraj got some tea & her favourite Parle-G biscuits. He was doing something on his phone; she asked him, “What are you doing now?” He answered without looking at her, “booking ticket on the kangaroo travels” Silence took its place, He asked again with a smile, “Is Monday fine with you?”

And her eyes again welled up…

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Flight Booking

Some Beautiful Paths Can't Be Discovered Without Getting Lost. So, Let's Get Lost in the Dream Tour That Too Within Budget and Easy booking.

Monday, 11 December 2017

10 Things to Do When Booking a Hotel

Let’s discuss the most neglected part of our The Holiday Planning; Hotel Booking, oh yeah! This little aspect of our vacation can make it or ruin the whole experience for us. As our general line of thinking is ‘we are going to enjoy as well as explore the place and not for the stay in a hotel!’ And that is the decision point, my friend, you have already created a bug in your “perfect” plan. Hotel Booking is equally important compared to other arrangements. So let’s create a strategy for the most crucial part of our vacation planning, just follow the steps:

1)    Deep search:
Don’t be lazy in finding good hotel deal. There are lots of several booking websites offers cash-back or spot discount. It is only matter of good research and chooses the perfect time for travel. However, call always the hotel first before booking on-line, you may find better offers!

2)    Hotel distance: 
The first thing you should check that the distance from the airport or the place where you are visiting is nearby your hotel. You may be guided by lots of amenities and other attractions from other hotels but it’s always better to choose a nearby hotel to your place. You can verify distances on Google Maps before you book a hotel.

3)    Package deals:
Some hotel offers a package deal which sounds exciting but maybe not worth it. Just know that sometimes these packages include things you don’t even want or need and that the special rate could be higher than the regular rate.

4)    Know what are you paying for? :
You must know what is included in the room rate and what kind of service is offered. For instance, does the price include breakfast or Wi-Fi? Does the room have a private bathroom or TV? What kind of service do you need? If it is imperative for you a gym, a car rental, or even a restaurant, you must ask first, because some hotel has very attractive rates and doesn’t provide any service like those.

5)    Security measures:
The hotel you choose to stay in should have adequate security measures. You would need to find the information before making the final call. It would be helpful to find out if the front desk is staffed throughout the day. Whether surveillance through security cameras and guards are also present in the hotel’s checklist are other important points to note for ensuring your safety.

6)    View pictures of the hotel online:
Since most of the bookings, these days are done through online portals; it would be a good idea to look at the pictures of the hotel rooms and lobbies before making the decision. There are a lot many sites where the pictures of the hotels would be available.

7)    Watch out for the reviews:
Don’t book anything without reading the comments from previous customers, or asking for references from a legitimate and reliable source because you might choose a misleading offer without  hardly noticing it. Thus taking a look at the comments can save your entire trip experience.

8)    Check transport service:
Always check whether the hotel is providing transport service for pick up and drop because it gets expensive especially since most airports are quite a distance from the nearest city center. 

9)    Mention Special Occasions:
Many of us travel to celebrate a birthday, anniversary and special events. Always mention what you are celebrating to the hotel and you might be surprised with a little perk.

10)    Sign up for reward program:
It is often free to sign up for a hotel’s loyalty program, and in some cases, significant rewards kick in almost immediately. These can include complimentary Wi-Fi, as mentioned above, but also many “soft” benefits that you might not even be aware of.

Hope these tips are useful for you, Avoid all the hassles of Hotel booking. Log in to The Kangaroo Travels. Make your holiday even more memorable and combat free with the genuine reviews, lowest rates and quality service. Download the app today & officiate your Vacation. 

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Sweet connection; Lonavala & Chikki

There are some deadly combinations in the world which can’t exist without each other, for example- French Fries without Ketch-up or Pavbhaji without Butter. There is another example of such a deadly combination, Maganlal Chikki & Lonavala, if you are going to Lonavala you have to bring some Chikkis for your family & friends, No matter what, though you are in Hurry or going for a very short period, ‘Chikki from Lonavala’ is must.

Maganlal Chikki is like a heart & soul of the city, its crunchiness, the savouring flavours and mouthwatering aroma of the Chikki can actually make your heart to skip a beat, The Maganlal Chikki is prepared by traditional methods so its taste & aroma is authentic. Plus traditional methods make it easy to digest and extremely nutritious, as there are no preservatives, artificial colour, flavours or any other intoxicating substances. No doubt it has reached to Dubai, England, France and America.

The Chikki making procedure is very simple, just follow the steps:

1.The first step is very obvious, collect the Ingredients, Groundnuts, Jaggery and Ghee,  The best proportions for experiment level would be ½ cups, 1/3 cups and 2 tsp respectively.

2.Roast the Groundnut till they turn into Golden coloured, If you want Whole Groundnut Chikki, you can keep it as it is after peeling the skin or you can grind it if you want it to.

3. Heat the Ghee in a non-stick pan so it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom of the pan.

4.After heating the Ghee, add jaggery, & caramelize it over a slow flame.

5.After caramalisation, add groundnut powder or whole groundnuts into the jaggery and mix it thoroughly.

6.While mixing the Jaggery and groundnuts put out the flames.

7.Pour the entire mixture into greased wooden or steel surface; add some more groundnuts as per your taste buds.

8.Roll it out into thin sheets with the help of the greased rolling pin.

9.Cool it down and cut it into the small pieces.

10.Your delicious and mouthwatering Chikki is ready for ‘Snack Attack’.

Sounds like a tough job? Isn’t it? The other option is also ready for those who do not want to go through the hassle. Just visit Lonavala and buy Maganlal Chikki, Its convenient and you can taste some of the best, authentic and Hygienically processed Chikki, along with other products like Dry Fruit Rolls, Fudges, Jellies,  Savouries (Namkeens) and another 20 different types of Chikki.

So are you ready for Lonavala visit? Just log in to The Kangaroo travels, book a bus ticket and a hotel at the guaranteed lowest price and start the marching towards your Maganlal Chikki.

The Journey: From Chaos to Calm

It was hard; I didn’t realize its harshness until I carried that big box out of the office with teary eyes. My fellows were beading me goodbye, wishing good luck for my new journey, Is it really a start of the new journey or the end of an era?  Well, you have left something to get new ones. Maybe this will be my turning point I am waiting for so long, with lots of “May be’s” I reached home, I was playing with my phone unsure of my next step, the chaos in mind wasn’t ready to be calmed.

I didn’t realize in that state of my chaotic mind I openedthe Kangaroo travel’s app, which I used to book flights & hotels for my business trips, It once again came to rescue & the idea popped up, it was the calling from my inner wanderlust, Mahabaleshwar… yes, that’s what I needed at this point in time, I checked travel timings. I found travel on my time so I booked a ticket immediately & started to backpack.

It was after a long time I was being so crazy & excited about something other than a great business deal. I reached to my boarding point; the bus was on time as expected. & the journey started. I again fired the kangaroo travels app & start looking for hotels, & it didn’t take that much time, I was done in no time, I booked a decent hotel for me for this adventure trip with awesome discount.
I reached my destined hotel & got some rest, & woke up with a fresh mind. My inner wondrous was not ready to keep calm; I headed to my first point, The Arthur point. The local legends say that he used to sit there & gazed the river where he lost his wife & children in a tragedy. I sat there for a while, & drank that picturesque view.

It was almost afternoon. I had my favourite, Italian cuisine & headed to my next point. The Venna Lake, I was mesmerized by the picture-postcard view. It has some soul-calming effect, I couldn’t even distract my gaze from the lake, It was so peaceful, you can actually feel the inner voices. I was there for like an hour or two, I lost the count of time & headed to sunset point, my last stop for that day. The very famous sunset point was crowded as usual. But the blazing and glorious sunset was the scene you cannot afford to miss, those lingering & magnificent rays were fulfilling the atmosphere with warm vibes, I clicked so many pictures, had some aloo chaat & returned to the hotel.  I slept with the serene thoughts and next day’s plan.

As it was the last day of my short trip, I decided to fulfil my shopaholic needs and start my journey to The Mapro Garden, if I have to decide it in 1 word, I would say, “heaven”  I was in the middle of the happiness. The flowers surroundings, mouthwatering Strawberries, Ice Cream & the delicious strawberry products, I had the gala time at the Mapro Garden, I spent almost half the day there, fulfilled my quota of dessert and adventure with this short trip to Mahabaleshwar, again followed the usual drill and booked ticket through The Kangaroo Travels & returned to Mumbai with peace & the experience to remember.